Massage BASICS   Part A    
First 3 Weekends,
( may be offered in a weekday intensive format) 
 Weekend 1

Purpose: To acquaint students with the practical fundamentals of massage; to teach, in a basic form, an excellent classic full-body massage.

Content: During this first part of the week, students learn a full-body massage, which utilizes an integration of various massage techniques. Instruction is given through detailed description and demonstration, after which students practice on each other under close supervision.

Also covered during this class are such fundamentals as: contraindications to massage, draping for warmth and modesty, correct body mechanics, and skeletal anatomy.

 Massage BASICS    Part B
 Last 3 Weekends 
(may be offered in a weekday intensive format)
Weekend 4        May be offered in a weekday intensive format

Purpose: To introduce and practice the lymphatic/circulatory massage; to learn about the systems of the body ( circulatory, lymphatic, glandular/endocrine, digestive systems) and how the practice of massage is used to enhance and boost their function.

Content: The lymphatic/circulatory massage taught during this two day class is an invigorating, hour-long treatment, stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and inducing the body to become both relaxed and energized at once. This massage is especially good for sedentary or overweight clients and for those who have been bedridden or ill.  Further discussion of the anatomical aspects of the lymphatic system will be a focus.

Weekend 2

Purpose: To improve the effectiveness and completeness of the massage learned in Class one; to introduce deep muscle work; to acquaint students with the basics of muscular anatomy.

Content: These two days build upon the basic massage to include new and more complicated strokes. Emphasis is also placed on working with the main trouble areas of the body - the neck, shoulders and back. Students are taught to identify muscle spasms and selectively induce relaxation and decrease pain in these specific areas. Instruction focuses on working with thumbs, elbows and the weight of the practitioner’s body to apply deeper pressure with minimal exertion.

Weekend 5

Purpose: To explore the practical aspects of the business of massage. 

Content: During this two day class, we discuss business ethics and practices, insurance billing, income tax information, scheduling appointments, liability, and much more. Students develop business cards and other methods of promotion such as trade arrangements, workshops and advertising. Examples of creative ventures in massage are given, and students are encouraged to use their imagination and insight to create a massage practice suited to their individual needs. Students discuss the various ways to meet the world as a professional massage practitioner.  Students will also continue to practice the lymphatic massage.  Students will continue to learn and review anatomy from previous classes. 

Weekend 3

Purpose: To improve the effectiveness and completeness of the massage learned in the previous four days; to introduce deep muscle work; to acquaint students with the basics of muscular anatomy.

Content: This two day period will help solidify the techniques learned throughout the week, sharpen focus on anatomy, body mechanics, and ensure students are prepared to begin training in part 2.

Weekend 6

Purpose: To give students the opportunity to adapt the massage they have learned to their own individual style. 

Content: Now that the classic form of massage has been learned, we practice letting go of the form and allowing each student’s personal interpretation to appear. Through prolonged freeform work on specific areas, students develop a more individual style, and become sensitive to various responses in the muscles, skin and general body tone of their clients. Students are encouraged to “listen with their hands” to become aware of the very subtle differences in each body they massage, and to work with these differences in the most effective way.  A final review test, & practical test will be given to assess any strength or weakness in comprehension and technique.

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