The Advanced training prepares students to perform massage techniques with clients experiencing physical or emotional trauma. It is a valuable class for anyone in the massage therapy field. New and Advanced strokes are taught to work with physical trauma resulting from injury and/or emotional trauma manifesting as physical trauma in the body.

The new training beginning in 2006 is based on Keersha’s many years of working in the area of trauma, both physical and emotional. Her position as massage therapist in the clinical setting was dedicated to working with clients going through difficult emotional times. Bodywork and massage was an important part of the therapeutic connection during these retreats.

The challenge of the bodyworker to “meet the client” meant getting very clear and present with their own sensitive space inside and be willing to stay emotionally open for another, without transfering emotional energy to each other.

Through group interaction and lecture, we explore developing rapport in the clinical setting. Using examples of potential situations, we practice the proper application of physical techniques to foster compassionate support through touch and nonverbal interaction.

We discuss the types of losses that massage therapists routinely encounter, ie: loss of health, death of someone close, accidental injuries, etc. and practice how to offer the support needed to clients who have experienced mild to severe trauma. 


We practice keeping a healthy, professional distance in bodywork without sacrificing a compassionate attitude.

A history of touch as it relates to trauma, and the many ways to recognize the traumatized patient are covered. Groundwork for this style of practice comes from early developmental bonding studies and other scientific studies based on touch research.

Classes totalling 150 hours includes written and practical exams.

No text is required, but there is a recommended reading list.


Classes lead to certification in Beginning and Advanced Massage education.  

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